Year: 2008

Midnight in the Limelight

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Judy Kuskin, “Round Midnight” Necklace, polymer, silver While I am on a short leave, feast your eyes on more polymer art jewelry featured in Art Jewelry Today 2. Judy Kuskin’s Necklace is prominently positioned opposite the title page as a full page image. Judy writes about the inspiration for her work, saying:

Spotted at SOFA

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Jeffrrey Lloyd Dever, “Nestled Repose” teapot, 2008 11″h x 12.75″w x 11″d, polymer, wire Function+Art is showing this fantastic teapot form at SOFA in Chicago this weekend. You can often find Jeff’s work in del Mano Gallery as well. Here’s what Jeff told me about this piece:

Election Day News Break

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Sandra McCaw, Persian Cuff, 2007, polymer, gold leaf Today Sandra McCaw announced that she is also a candidate for the 2009 Niche Award. Here’s what Sandra just wrote about her work:

Niche Award Redux

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Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Summer’s Opulence, 2008 5.25″w x D 3.75″d x H 1.5″h, polymer, various wire Jeff Dever’s lush bracelet, Summer’s Opulence, will also vie for a 2009 Niche award. Here’s what Jeff recently wrote about this pieces:

On Hiatus, for the Best Reasons

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Elise Winters, Ruffle Brooches, 2008, 3″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ After the success of MIPCES almost twelve years ago, many of the artists understood the importance of becoming more recognizable to collectors, galleries and museums. Ever since, it has continued to be important for polymer artists to appear in highly visible venues. This kind of exposure furthers general awareness and understanding of polymer as an artistic medium. In the next month, work by Bonnie Bishof, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Kathleen Dustin, Ford/Forlano and Melanie West will be on view at SOFA: Chicago, November 6-9 and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft