Catching Up: Summer 2013

  Dan Cormier, Videojuegos Pin, 2012, 3″ h x 3″ w polymer, aluminum, steel rods and pin findings   It has been a while, so here are some current “happenings” related to polymer art. Read a synopsis of “The Broken Telephone Project” conceived and orchestrated by Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes in the upcoming issue […]

ACC Baltimore: Then and Now

Louise Fischer Cozzi, Necklace Belt ii, 2008 polymer, silver,  41″ long x 1½”w x 3/16″d Looking back sure does give us some interesting perspective. Recently I ran across the 1992 Exhibitors Catalog for the American Craft Council’s annual show in Baltimore.  Only 3 polymer exhibitors were listed there: Martha Breen, City Zen Cane (aka Ford/Forlano) […]

Food for Thought: “Polymer: The Journey to New Terrain” Symposium

Polymer: Journey to New Terrain, October 21-23, 2011at Wingspread Seeing polymer exhibited in the Racine Art Museum‘s elegant environment was a feast for the eyes, but the accompanying symposium, “Polymer: The Journey to New Terrain”, was like an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Beginning Friday and lasting through Sunday, attendees gobbled up plates of ideas about the current […]

Meat and Candy

The polymer art internet world has been abuzz since last weekend’s events at Racine Art Museum.  The blogs are filled with fabulous “eye-candy” from the Terra Nova exhibition, of the attendees and the gorgeous setting. For me, one of the truly historic aspects of the weekend was the breadth and depth of discussions at the […]

Bridging the Divide

Rachel Carren, Bonnard Cupola Brooch, 2010 2.4″ x 2.4″ x .4″, polymer, acrylic, mica powder A certain perceived divide has long existed between artists and art historians, likewise between writers and literary critics. Ernest Hemingway had a memorable barb: “Critics are geldings, standing in the field trying to evaluate the work of stallions.”

FAQ about Terra Nova Exhibition at RAM

FAQ about the Polymer Collection Project and the upcoming Terra Nova Exhibition at the Racine Art Museum written by Elise Winters Are the reception and the symposium on the opening weekend at RAM by invitation only?… or open to the public? The Racine Art Museum (RAM) is still in the process of planning a variety […]

Masters In The Spotlight

My preview copies of Rachel Carren’s new book Masters:Polymer Clay just landed on my door step and I am speechless with joy!  Finally a volume that is worthy of the masters whose work it represents.  Finally a book that can stand proudly on the shelves in museum bookstores affirming polymer’s place in the world of […]

A Seminal Clearinghouse

While researching her essay for the upcoming RAM exhibition catalog, Rachel Carren has encountered lots of interesting historical material too detailed for that volume.  One example is this story of Marie Segal’s first encounter with polymer and the business which she and her husband Howard started in the early 1980′s. Before the Internet, there was […]

Meet Me at RAM

Barbara Sperling and Michael Sakash, Koi Bowl with Lilac Stand, 2006 polymer, lilac twigs, stain, tung oil 13″ h x 16″w x 12″d The Polymer Collection at the Racine Art Museum will make its debut in an exhibition scheduled for the fall of 2011. This recent acquisition of more than 180 pieces of jewelry and […]