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Report on Polymer 2.0 Symposium

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Wingspread…………..a single word that both names the venue and describes the accomplishments of our October symposium, “Polymer 2.0: The Field at the Beginning of the 21st Century”  in Racine, Wisconsin. Three years ago we were here celebrating the fact that polymer art had become a medium of choice for entry into the permanent collections of major museums across the country. This year 67 participants celebrated another breakthrough;

Catching Up: Summer 2013

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It has been a while, so here are some current “happenings” related to polymer art. Read a synopsis of “The Broken Telephone Project” conceived and orchestrated by Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes in the upcoming issue of Ornament magazine (vol. 36. no.4).   Cormier first presented this take on a well know communications game at the IPCG’s Synergy 3 conference in Atlanta, GA in March, 2013.  The article written by Cormier leads the reader through from conception to realization.  Eight artists participated:  Cormier, Cynthia Toops, Meredith Dittmar, Kathleen Dustin, Sarah Shriver, David Forlano, Celie Fago and Maggie Maggio.  

Animal Magnetism: Polymer as part of the pack

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July and August bring the “dog days” of summer.   The original reference was celestial and was related to when the Dog Star, Sirius, within the constellation Canis Major, was at its brightest.   Perhaps some still think of summer that way, but the Racine Art Museum is currently exhibiting two shows that focus on all kinds of animal imagery -including dogs- from their permanent collection.  

Pouring it On

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Wendy Wallin Malinow, Sugar Skull, 2012

“Sugar Skull”, a 2012 creation by Wendy Wallin Malinow is one of the teapots on view at Mobilia Gallery’s new show, “The Teapot Redefined 2012”.  While Malinow’s work is at times quite whimsical, her fascination with the macabre is long standing. In terms of a structural challenge, Mobilia’s teapot show provided Malinow the opportunity to experiment with larger scale hollow form.  However, the actual manifestation as a skull flows naturally out of the totality of Malinow’s work. Malinow writes:

Museum Hopping: RAM to Newark

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Ford/Forlano, Full Pillow Necklace #11

Ford/Forlano’s Full Pillow Necklace # 11 (2009) has been in big demand.   After being on loan to the Racine Art Museum for the Terra Nova exhibition, it just landed a permanent home at the Newark Museum, in Newark, New Jersey.   Last October, Newark Museum curator Ulysses Dietz met Steven Ford and David Forlano in Racine, Wisconsin at the Terra Nova opening and symposium.