Museum Hopping: RAM to Newark

Ford/Forlano, Full Pillow Necklace #11, Side A
2009,  polymer, sterling silver   15 x 13 x 3/4″

Ford/Forlano’s Full Pillow Necklace # 11 (2009) has been in big demand.   After being on loan to the Racine Art Museum for the Terra Nova exhibition, it just landed a permanent home at the Newark Museum, in Newark, New Jersey.   Last October, Newark Museum curator Ulysses Dietz met Steven Ford and David Forlano in Racine, Wisconsin at the Terra Nova opening and symposium.   Continue reading

Hanging Around: Necklaces

Tory Hughes, Armillary,1992
polymer, steel, glass, brass, silver, mustard seeds
13″h x 15″w x 1/5″ d

There are few better ways to frame a face than with a distinctive necklace.   Beyond being decorative, the necklace itself often provides clues about power, status, or some symbolic meaning relevant to the wearer.   The Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in NYC recently opened an exhibition of necklaces from their permanent collection entitled, “Hanging Around:  Necklaces from the MAD Collection”.  The necklaces on display present a range of interpretations on the concept of a necklace and the use of materials.   Artists include well known names in art jewelry such as Robert Ebendorf, Arlene Fisch, Marjorie Schick and Kiff Siemmons as well as late 19th century-early 20th century anonymous pieces from Morocco and southeast Asia.   Within this mix, the museum included three examples made of polymer by artists Steven Ford and David Forlano, Victoria Hughes, and Cynthia Toops. Continue reading