Mission Statement

The Polymer Art Archive has a singular goal: the advancement of polymer art.  Within these pages, one will find notes on polymer history, spotlights on different artists as well as other relevant topics and developments.  The PAA is intended for a range of readers from enthusiasts to museum curators, gallery owners to collectors, and of course, artists- anyone in fact, who is interested in learning about polymer art.

In the span of less than 75 years, polymer, a synthetic modeling compound, has progressed from being a novelty in a toy store to achieving worldwide recognition as an innovative artist material.  Polymer based jewelry, sculpture, dolls, miniatures, animation, wall art and mixed media pieces are some of its many applications.  The range of options for polymer art continues to expand due to innovative makers following their imaginations of what might be.

Stepping into the footsteps of Elise Winters’s prescient understanding of the need for documentation of polymer history and its ongoing evolution, I hope to continue the conversation.  The PAA will keep the past, the present and the future of polymer art in its sights as we all move forward.