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Elissa Farrow-Savos: Sharing Tales

Elissa Farrow-Savos, How does she get herself into these messes?

Telling a story is the heart of Elissa Farrow-Savos’ work.  Combining polymer with found objects, Farrow-Savos’ sculptures speak to the eye and the soul.   Most of her work is feminine in orientation and explores the timeless tales of women’s lives.  While her first love was figure drawing and painting, when Farrow-Savos returned to her studio after a pause for childbearing, she no longer felt satisfaction in 2D work.  Floundering, Farrow-Savos happened upon polymer and soon discovered that sculpting provided her with a new form of narration.

Seasons of our Lives

J.M. Syron & Bonnie Bishoff, Begin, 2009

Recently we have been exploring ways in which polymer artists have found inspiration from tradition craft techniques in other media.  In this new work by the team of J.M. Syron and Bonnie Bishoff, the inspiration comes from a different source. Bonnie comments about the work, saying:

Selection from the Collection: Orrery Neckpiece


Tory Hughes, Orrery Neckpiece, 1992 Polymer and mixed media Why are we artists, anyway? For me, this career is the most flexible and marvelous -as in ‘full of marvels’- I could imagine. What other way of life encourages me to make such a marvelous thing as this? There’s a spinning comet in the upper left, mounted on miniature ball bearings; there are overlapping circles and arcs, toothed and smooth, a little plumb bob dangling at the upper right. This piece was a total joy to create. There were challenging moments, yup, but I love this one. Throw in tiny planetary

Selections from the Collection: Armillary Neckpiece


Tory Hughes, Armillary Neckpiece, 1992 Polymer and mixed media I believe most art is a snapshot of answers we’ve found in that moment. My more meaningful pieces are all illustrations of my current set of solutions, like anatomical drawings from another era, beautiful even when superseded or augmented by more information. All of us have Grand Ideas that live within us, deep oceanic layers of connection to question, image, concept, content and feeling. I’ve found it best just to yield to those magnets, to sink into that familiar yet enigmatic embrace of what most identifies ‘me’ to ‘myself’, whether anyone

Leslie Blackford’s Distinctive Voice


The first time I encountered Leslie Blackford’s inventive creations was the summer of 2007. It was decidedly different from the figurative polymer work I had seen before. From the early days of polymer clay, many artists have found the material to be well suited to sculpting. Two notable artists who use polymer in a sculptural or figurative manner are Katherine Dewey and Maureen Carlson. Although stylistically very different, both Katherine’s and Maureen’s pieces are fanciful, and highly accomplished in terms of technique, finish, and completeness of an idea. Their figures always seem to allude to a story. Leslie’s figures also