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FIMO from the beginning


The story of how polymer originated generally begins with Fifi, her mother, Kathe Kruse, and a by-product from oil production late in the 1930’s. Kathe Kruse, a well-known German doll maker, had experimented with the strange new compound in hope of finding something new for her doll heads, but found it did not suit her needs- so it was set aside. A few years later in 1941, Kruse’s daughter, Sofie, rediscovers the discarded substance and began to re-examine its properties. Sofie adds both plasticizer and color to the material and eventually developed an easily workable modeling compound.

Photography of Personal Adornment by Robert Liu


A few years ago, I began to study photography because I wanted to better understand the presentation of any given image. With the arrival of Robert Liu’s book, Photography of Personal Adornment*, my education has been greatly facilitated. These days when our attention is always at risk of being diverted, the power of a strong photograph is of greater importance than ever. Although this book is a more serious approach than many “how to photograph your stuff” manuals, Liu carefully guides the reader toward taking more professional and striking photographs. What Liu, master photographer, artist and co-editor of the esteemed magazine,

Team Work


Judy Belcher and Tamara Honaman’s new book,  Polymer Clay Master Class: Exploring Process, Technique, and Collaboration with 11 Master Artists can be used as a “how to” book, however that is not its main attribute.  Lots of publications tell you how to make something through carefully written text steps and accompanying photos, but Master Class goes beyond that and examines the creative process itself.  Unlike the others, this volume offers an opportunity to read “between the lines” along the path of creating.

Steal like an Artist

Sonny King, The City, 2005, detail

Austin Kleon’s new book, Steal Like an Artist, offers lots of insights into the work and process of art making but how does it specifically relate to polymer?   Kleon, who is both a writer and an artist, nails the crucial issue in his title.   What is it to “steal like an artist”?  Isn’t our cultural ideal to be original in all ways, so why

The Way We Were….. Winter 1997


Who would have guessed that the winter of 1997 would become especially significant to polymer history?  Let’s look back 15 years to the Winter 1997 “PolyInformer”, the newsletter of the then 6 year old National Polymer Clay Guild , to see what was happening.