Mingei Artist Details

Nancy Banks, Necklace, 2006, polymer, wire

The Mingei International Museum of Art show, “New Jewelry in a New Medium”, includes the work of 64 artists.  This exhibition evolved out of work acquired by the Mingei from Elise Winters’s Polymer Collection Project and the absorption of the Bead Museum formerly of Glendale, Arizona.  Many of the less familiar names relate to the early years of polymer exploration.

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What To Call It?

Polymer, polymer clay, FIMO, Sculpey, Premo, Katoclay, Cernit?   Have you ever wondered how and why this colored, synthetic modeling material got its common name?   Prior to 1990 both artists and publications describe the material using a brand name like FIMO or polyform with a modifier such as “modeling compound”.  There is no mention of either “polymer” or “clay”.   Continue reading