Author: Nan Roche
Nan Roche is author of the well known book about polymer clay entitled "The New Clay". It was published by Flower Valley Press in 1991. This was the first book to compile all the available information about polymer clay and is sometimes called "the bible of polymer clay". Nan was also a founding member of the National Polymer Clay Guild and continues to work and teach in the medium.

A Name You May Not Know


On this blog I suspect there will be some kind words said about me as the person who — by hook or by crook or by waving a magic wand — cajoled some naïve publisher into printing The New Clay at a time when almost nobody in America could identify the meaning of the phrase, “polymer clay.” For anybody who learned from or was inspired by “the Bible,” as it has been called in our community, let me properly share the credit for its creation. The book was birthed not by me alone; there was a man involved, a brilliant and