Margaret Maggio, Tit for Tat: The Fable of the Fox and the Stork, 1997, polymer, 12" h

July and August bring the “dog days” of summer.   The original reference was celestial and was related to when the Dog Star, Sirius, within the constellation Canis Major, was at its brightest.   Perhaps some still think of summer that way, …

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Jasmyne Graybill, Crested Buttercream Polyps-detail 2008, polymer, muffin pan, 12″ x 8″ x 2″

It is always good to discover artists doing exciting things with polymer. Jasmyne Graybill’s work is part of a recent article by Monica Moses, “Fungus Among Us” in the August/September 2012 issue of American Craft.  While not the most appealing …

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Rachel Gourley, Rocks on Beach, 2010-2011 10" x 5" and 3" x 2"

Rachel Gourley takes the concept of art and nature literally.   The source of much creative, large scale, sculptural work in polymer, Gourley has an affinity for translating natural form into something abstracted and a bit unexpected.