In Situ

In Situ
Rachel Gourley, Rocks on Beach, 2010-2011 10" x 5" and 3" x 2"

Rachel Gourley takes the concept of art and nature literally.   The source of much creative, large scale, sculptural work in polymer, Gourley has an affinity for translating natural form into something abstracted and a bit unexpected.

Pictured above, a collection of her polymer rocks are integrated into a rugged island beach.  Below, two more views.

Gourley 2011, Rocks on Beach

Gourley 2011 Rocks on Beach Long View

Other works by Gourley include her interpretations of the human spine as in her Spondylosis series of 2004.

Gourley 2004

Gourley 2004

In 2010 she returned to the concept of weight bearing verticals in nature through the more spare and linear, Spine series, which average 25″ tall and 1.5″ in diameter.  While named “Spines” Gourley sees associations between the human spine and trees which are able to remain somewhat supple and still support extended weight.

Gourley Spine Detail

Gourley 2010 Spines

I cannot remember a time in my life that I wasn't interested in looking at art, talking about art and the making of art. In 1990 I earned a Phd in art history at the University of Maryland. My first experiences with polymer clay were in 1992, but I consider my real work with the medium to date from 1999.