The Racine Art Museum has just announced that it will host another polymer symposium at the Johnson Foundation (Wingspread) in October 17-19, 2014.

Plans are underway for 2, or possibly 3, exhibitions in the vicinity of RAM to coincide with the symposium. Event details will be forthcoming but please keep these dates in mind if you are interested in attending.

RAM has established a page on their website that will be updated as they have more information to share.

Cynthia Toops, Constant Comment, 1997
micro mosaic -polymer, sterling silver
1 1/2″ h x 3 1/4″w x 1 1/4″d

Since the first Terra Nova symposium in Racine, WI in Oct. 2011, there has been persistent chat about the future of polymer art.  The last 25 -30 years have been exciting as artists focused on exploring the properties of the medium.  What could polymer do and how did one do it?  While expertise in these areas will continue to evolve as artists resolve problems, technical innovation is no longer the driving objective.  So what now?  Read more ›

Dayle Doroshow and Sarah Shriver, Tribal Circus, 2011
polymer, fiber and leather cording, 3"h x 18" l x 1 1/2" w
photo: Richard K. Honaman, Jr.

Judy Belcher and Tamara Honaman’s new book,  Polymer Clay Master Class: Exploring Process, Technique, and Collaboration with 11 Master Artists can be used as a “how to” book, however that is not its main attribute.  Lots of publications tell you how to make something through carefully written text steps and accompanying photos, but Master Class goes beyond that and examines the creative process itself.  Unlike the others, this volume offers an opportunity to read “between the lines” along the path of creating. Read more ›

Laura Tabakman, Woven Brooch, 2012 polymer, steel wire, 1/2 ” x 1 1/2″ x 1″
Laura Tabakman, Woven Brooch, 2012
polymer, steel wire, 1/2 ” x 1 1/2″ x 1″

Using comparable materials and a repetition of form, Laura Tabakman has explored a similar idea in two very different ways with decidedly unique results.   One piece is about mass and containment, while the other is all about lightness and movement. How is it that similar materials handled by the same artist can create such distinctive and yet coherent results?

Read more ›

It has already been a bit over a year since the ground breaking show, “Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads” opened at the Racine Art Museum.  The show received lots of positive attention and brought many visitors to the museum over the course of its run.   One year later, the accompanying volume, “Terra Nova: Polymer at the Crossroads”, designed by Jeffrey Lloyd Dever and his team at Dever Designs has won a Read more ›