Nan Roche, Animal Auguries, c.1998 polymer & elastic, 6.5″h x 3″h x 2″d and 7.2″h x 2″h x 2″d Racine Art Museum Photo: Penina Meisels

An irrepressible experimenter with a scientific background, Nan Roche has explored and initiated many polymer techniques.  Using some of these same techniques, Roche has created distinctive pieces that integrate her art making with her long time interests in ancient civilizations …

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Rachel Gourley, Rocks on Beach, 2010-2011 10" x 5" and 3" x 2"

Rachel Gourley takes the concept of art and nature literally.   The source of much creative, large scale, sculptural work in polymer, Gourley has an affinity for translating natural form into something abstracted and a bit unexpected.