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AJF Embraces Polymer

Art Jewelry Forum

Art Jewelry Forum is a strong independent advocacy group for the advancement of art jewelry.  Members are a knowledgeable blend of collectors, gallery owners, curators, makers and various other interested parties.

Polymer Art’s Superhero: Meet Bruce Pepich


Bruce W. Pepich, Executive Director and Curator of Collections at the Racine Art Museum. I’ve witnessed Philippe de Montebello trying to weave his magic on a potential major donor to his Metropolitan Museum of New York. Philippe’s pitch, smooth and seductive, had a well rehearsed air to it. Across an antique dining room table in New Jersey, with works by Miró, de Chirico and Edvard Munch adorning the walls, he glided through a presentation that had obviously worked so effectively for him with countless other donors. Although the man’s skills were impressive, the hosts this evening didn’t sign over the

Dietz and the Newark Museum Embrace Polymer


This Pier Voulkos Neckpiece and 40 other polymer works were recently acquired into the Newark Museum's jewelry collection. When you’re born with the name Ulysses Grant Dietz, you just might have come into this world with a penchant for leadership. Luckily for the polymer jewelry community, Ulysses turned his attention not to military or political affairs, but to a life’s mission of preserving, protecting and defending his nation’s artistic heritage.

Book Review: Color Inspirations


Make room in your bookcase for a new essential text. Nan Roche’s historic work, The New Clay, which we’ve long referred to as The Bible of polymer may have to be renamed now as The Old Testament and moved one slot to the left. There’s a New Testament coming to town and it’s titled Polymer Clay Color Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. If I had been asked to nominate a title for Lindly and Maggie’s new addition to the polymer library, I might have been tempted to call it “Everything You Wanted to Know About Color…..But Were Afraid