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Polymer: Journey to New Terrain

Seeing polymer exhibited in the Racine Art Museum‘s elegant environment was a feast for the eyes, but the accompanying symposium, “Polymer: The Journey to New Terrain”, was like an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Beginning Friday and lasting through Sunday, attendees gobbled up plates of ideas about the current and future state of polymer art.   Topics were juicy, open ended and conversation flowed. Here is a sampler of what was served:

How Polymer Hit the Big Time Cover

Memorable headlines, especially those that record milestone events, tend to stay in my mind for years or decades. Perhaps it’s the same for you.

Melanie West, Bamboo BoaBangle, 2008

Just about a year ago, Bruce W. Pepich, Executive Director and Curator of Collections at the Racine Art Museum, spoke to the attendees of the International Polymer Clay Association conference.  In this presentation he illustrated how the new RAM polymer collection would be integrated with it’s permanent collection of craft. Placing images side by side, as shown above, he drew inspiring comparisons and relationships.  Plans for the inaugural exhibition, to be called Terra Nova, are well under way. Here’s what Melanie West shared with me after that presentation last year:

Lindly Haunani, Sushi Platter, 1992

This press release just in from the Racine Art Museum: The Racine Art Museum (RAM) in Racine, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce the museum’s recent commitment to establishing a permanent collection of polymer jewelry, beads and sculptural objects. As part of this resolution, the museum is organizing a large group exhibition opening the Fall 2011. Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads will open at RAM on October 21, 2011. On display through February 5, 2012, the show emphasizes the development of polymer as an expressive medium for artwork in recent decades. A book is currently underway to support the …

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  The Polymer Collection at the Racine Art Museum will make its debut in an exhibition scheduled for the fall of 2011. This recent acquisition of more than 180 pieces of jewelry and sculpture by RAM represents the first comprehensive collection of polymer art to be accessioned by a major national museum. To make possible a full-color hardback catalog to accompany this show, Bruce Pepich, Exec. Director of RAM, and I made fundraising presentations at the International Polymer Clay Association Synergy2 Conference a week ago in Baltimore. Those speeches elicited donations of more than $17,000 from 111 generous and committed …

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