American Craft Magazine Features Polymer

American Craft Magazine Features Polymer

Memorable headlines, especially those that record milestone events, tend to stay in my mind for years or decades. Perhaps it’s the same for you.

I can still see clearly the breakthrough headline from July 21, 1969 announcing that The Eagle Has Landed. Those four words were then amplified by Neil Armstrong’s historic quote from the moon’s surface, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

It’s that memory that came to mind this week when the new issue of American Craft came through my mail slot. The front cover’s teaser,  “Polymer’s Breakthrough Moment,” gave me pause to think and reflect. Even before turning to the 8-page featured article inside, I was musing about both the connections and the contrasts between landing on the moon and being referenced on the front cover of American Craft. For us, it had taken not one but hundreds of small steps; not by one individual but by a bonded team of professional artists, many of whom are pictured in the article, resulting in a giant leap for a national community interested in the development of polymer art.

Just as I saved my historic newspaper from 1969, tucking it into a box for safe keeping, I’ll be preserving October’s pristine issue of this magazine in the same way. We’re stepping on the surface of a new world, just beginning an artistic exploration of a medium that will reveal itself for decades to come. By reading the attached article and perhaps by saving your own new issue of American Craft, you’ll be able to bear witness to the fact you were there at the beginning, hand in hand with the other pioneers who celebrated the dramatic moment in 2011 when “Polymer Hit The Big Time.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: To see all the art work shown in the article through the on-line site, be sure to click the “next” or “previous” buttons above the large image at the top.

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American Craft
October/November 2011

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