Dietz and the Newark Museum Embrace Polymer

This Pier Voulkos Neckpiece and 40 other polymer works were
recently acquired into the Newark Museum's jewelry collection.

When you’re born with the name Ulysses Grant Dietz, you just might have come into this world with a penchant for leadership. Luckily for the polymer jewelry community, Ulysses turned his attention not to military or political affairs, but to a life’s mission of preserving, protecting and defending his nation’s artistic heritage. Continue reading

Polymer at SOFA:Chicago 2009

Elise Winters and Ruth Snyderman
Synderman-Works Gallery at SOFA:Chicago 2009

Visitors to SOFA:Chicago this year found polymer master works in the booths at both Snyderman-Works Gallery and Del Mano Gallery. Ruth Snyderman, owner of Snyderman-Works Gallery, was exhibiting 15 of my RUFFLE pieces along with a large group of work by Ford/Forlano.  Bruce Hoffman, director of the gallery, enjoyed modeling this substantial neckpiece by Steven and David. And my new Esprit Brooches were received with heart-warming enthusiam from buyers there. Continue reading