Polymer at SOFA:Chicago 2009


Elise Winters and Ruth Snyderman
Synderman-Works Gallery at SOFA:Chicago 2009

Visitors to SOFA:Chicago this year found polymer master works in the booths at both Snyderman-Works Gallery and Del Mano Gallery. Ruth Snyderman, owner of Snyderman-Works Gallery, was exhibiting 15 of my RUFFLE pieces along with a large group of work by Ford/Forlano.  Bruce Hoffman, director of the gallery, enjoyed modeling this substantial neckpiece by Steven and David. And my new Esprit Brooches were received with heart-warming enthusiam from buyers there.

Bruce Hoffman, Director, Synderman-Works Gallery
wearing Ford/Forlano Neckpiece

Elise Winters, Red Esprit Brooch, 2009
5.75″h x 3.75″w x 1.75d
polymer, acrylic

Elise Winters, Cool Jewel Esprit Brooch, 2009
5.75″w x 3.75″h x 1.75d
polymer, acrylic

Jeff Dever with his work at
Del Mano Gallery, SOFA:Chicago 2009