SOFA:Chicago 2009

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Morning Refuge, 2009
Polymer clay, wire, thread, card stock
7.75”H x 12.5”W x 5.25” D

Both Jeff and I are exhibiting work at SOFA:Chicago this week.  Pictured above is one of two teapots being shown by Del Mano Gallery.  I asked Jeff to tell me a little about these pieces.Jeff wrote:
“Both of these teapots grew out of this past years explorations of small sculptural forms for my installation piece “Edensong Reverie”, at the Fuller Craft Museum. Echoes of the base and pot forms can be traced directly to that piece. I wanted to try to capture the same sense of movement and interplay between the various elements. Simultaneously random and harmonious, not unlike a chance encounter on a woodland stroll.”

More views from SOFA in next week's post.

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Woodland Sojourn, 2009

Polymer clay, wire, thread, card stock
6.25”H x 12.5” W x 8.25”D

Jeff Dever with his work at
Del Mano Gallery, SOFA:Chicago 2009

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