Year: 2011

Polymer: Journey to New Terrain

Seeing polymer exhibited in the Racine Art Museum‘s elegant environment was a feast for the eyes, but the accompanying symposium, “Polymer: The Journey to New Terrain”, was like an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Beginning Friday and lasting through Sunday, attendees gobbled up plates of ideas about the current and future state of polymer art.   Topics were juicy, open ended and conversation flowed. Here is a sampler of what was served:

Terra Nova Exhibition Mark Wollman

The polymer art internet world has been abuzz since last weekend’s events at Racine Art Museum.  The blogs are filled with fabulous “eye-candy” from the Terra Nova exhibition, of the attendees and the gorgeous setting. For me, one of the truly historic aspects of the weekend was the breadth and depth of discussions at the Symposium. As part of our mission, Polymer Art Archive wants to share some of the “meat” of that event.

Terra Nova Cover

Tonight is the debut of the permanent polymer collection at the Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI.  We’re in Racine celebrating the opening of the exhibition, Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads, which continues through February 2012.  If you’re left at home, you can catch up on some reading.  At the top of our reading list is the book published by RAM to commemorate this historic event. This 140-page hardcover is unlike any previously published book on the medium.  The first 36 pages are devoted to scholarly, historical and curatorial essays.  Each of eight boundary breaking artists is then featured …

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Sarah Shriver, Aqua, Gold and Purple Bracelet, 2009

  Some of the earliest polymer work done in the United States was related to the technique of caning, or constructing a pattern that continued intact throughout the length of a cylinder.   In honor of the opening of the “Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads” show at the Racine Art Museum, it seems fitting to focus on masterful cane work.

Nan Roche, Animal Auguries, c.1998

An irrepressible experimenter with a scientific background, Nan Roche has explored and initiated many polymer techniques.  Using some of these same techniques, Roche has created distinctive pieces that integrate her art making with her long time interests in ancient civilizations and other cultures.