Year: 2011

Astronaut on the Move!

Dan Cormier, Looking Back To A Less Complicated Tomorrow, 2002

  What moves you?  For the Brookfield Craft Center show in 2002, “Moves in Polymer Clay,” (Brookfield, Connecticut) curator Elise Winters invited artists to create something in response to the word, “move.”  Dan Cormier’s translation of the request resulted in a work entitled, Looking Back to a Less Complicated Tomorrow, that moves on several levels: literally, emotionally and through time, which is quite an accomplishment for a creation that appears to be a toy.

Bridging the Divide

Rachel Carren, Bonnard Cupola Brooch, 2010

A certain perceived divide has long existed between artists and art historians, likewise between writers and literary critics. Ernest Hemingway had a memorable barb: “Critics are geldings, standing in the field trying to evaluate the work of stallions.”

In Situ

Rachel Gourley, Rocks on Beach, 2010-2011

Rachel Gourley takes the concept of art and nature literally.   The source of much creative, large scale, sculptural work in polymer, Gourley has an affinity for translating natural form into something abstracted and a bit unexpected.

American Craft Magazine Features Polymer

How Polymer Hit the Big Time Cover

Memorable headlines, especially those that record milestone events, tend to stay in my mind for years or decades. Perhaps it’s the same for you.

Crowning Achievement

Laura in Woodland Crown

The range of Wendy Malinow’s imagination careens between the macabre and the fanciful.  In her “Woodland Crown”, now on exhibit in the Mobilia show, “Objects of Status, Power and Adornment”, she has created a piece that explores all three of these concepts as well as suggesting other historic traditions.