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The New Look of PAA


Not only has our appearance changed but the scope of this site has broadened significantly, inspired by discussions at the recent symposium, Polymer 2.0. 

Belated Valentine

Kathleen Amt. Heart/Butterfly Pin, 1997

Just today I received this belated valentine from Kathleen Amt. For those unfamiliar with her work, Kathleen was an early pioneer in the field. Around 1999 she decided to return to her first love, art books and  ephemera.  Here’s what Kathleen’s valentine message said:

Out and About…


I’m on the road delivering works from the collection to their new homes in museums on the east coast. More details to come later this fall.

MIPCES Exhibition: Amy Zinman


If you are a new visitor to Polymer Art Archive, you can find background about this event in the 2 posts, Past, Present Future and All About MIPCES. LIZARDO DIABLO 11”L x 7½”W x 7”H For the MIPCES catalog, Amy Zinman wrote: “Just as the chameleon can change its appearance to blend into the environment, polymer clay can be mixed to create an infinite palette and shaped into endless forms. My piece, ‘Lizardo Diablo,’ allowed me to combine my love of polymer clay with my fascination with these beautiful reptiles and their ability to evoke a broad range of colors.”

The Early Development of Polymer Clay Bead-Making: Part Five


In 1987, at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in the Washington, D.C. area, I taught my first workshop on polymer bead-making based on the simple techniques I had developed.  On the advice of an artist colleague, I submitted a short article to Ornament magazine.  Published in 1988, my article was entitled “The Use of Polyform in Bead-making.”  (my usage of the word “polyform” reflected my misunderstanding of the generic name of polymer clay at that time.) The article briefly discussed the material and its properties, described the millefiore techniques and displayed images of my own work. A significant effect of my