Lindly Haunani’s Critique Guidelines

Lindly Haunani has had years of experience leading critiques.  Here are her suggestions:

What IF? Brainstorming with Lindly Haunani

The purpose of a “What-IF?” brainstorming session is to draw upon the wisdom of the group to gain new perspectives on the pieces that are being presented.  The questions below are just suggestions, and ultimately all of them may have been considered and explored by the artist who made the piece. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experience of others- For example: Someone may know of a source for a clasp that would really enhance a necklace, suggestions for streamlining the construction of a pair of earrings or insight into another approach to a highlighting a focal point.

Format: Would this idea work better as an anklet, pendant, brooch, necklace, bracelet, earrings, amulet, freestanding sculpture, or perhaps a wall hanging?

Use of Materials: Is this an appropriate use of materials? Are you intentionally breaking the “rules” Pushing the functional limits? Or- would this idea work better using another material?

Unity: Aspects of unity include: Balance, proportion, rhythm, movement, repetition, dominance, a definitive focal point or by intention no focal point?

Scale:  Does this idea lend itself to being larger, more emphatic and perhaps even outrageous? Or –Perhaps making it smaller, more refined, delicate or diminutive would emphasize your statement?  Or- would a more exaggerated contrast of scale work to direct one’s eye throughout the piece?

Color:  How would this convey in another color scheme? If you changed the colors would your message be diluted or amplified?

Value: Would your piece work better if there were more value contrast? Or perhaps- had a border- either lighter or darker?

Shape: Is the shape harmonious with the surface design?  Could the three dimensionality of the piece be exaggerated or minimized?  Do the outer edges contribute or subtract from the design?

Pattern: Is the degree of complexity (or simplicity) engaging? Would more or less repeats work?

Magic: -Wow! – Unity, uniqueness, originality, resonating vision?

Construction: Is the piece durable? Can it easily be worn? Does it pass the seat belt test? Could the finishing be improved or changed?

New directions: Could include re-visiting an older idea, making five more of something, exploring new threads that came up during the brainstorming or experimenting with changing or emphasizing specific design aspects.