Beadazzled Show in Washington, DC


Lindly Haunani, Kimono Pin, 1990

I was certainly bedazzled to see the this show at Beadazzled in Washington, DC in 1990. It was the first time I had ever seen the work of Pier Voulkos, Sarah Shriver, Grove & Grove and City Zen Cane in person.

The show was displayed in the back room of the store’s original location on Dupont Circle in six large display cases and was curated by Penny Diamante.  I visited the show five times, each time leaving with new ideas and inspirations.

There were thirty artists in the first show, so I was particularly thrilled (and grateful that Kathleen Dustin had encouraged me to enter the show) when an image of my work was featured in the review in Ornament Magazine.

Read the review:

which appeared in Ornament Magazine, 1990, vol. 13, #4, page 18.

Ornament, 1990, Beadazzled show review

(reproduced courtesy of Ornament Magazine)