Tube Bead Inspirations

Lindly Haunani, Rainbow Tube Beads, 1993

There are times when the synchronicity of seeing a concept in “threes” propels me as an artist to experiment with and reinterpret an idea.

  • Margaret Regan gave me a fabulously simple and elegant rainbow tube bead necklace. Her beads were small and delicate ( 1/2″ x 1/8 “) and strung with small black glass hex beads on elastic.
  • I saw a large, outrageous dyed bamboo tube bead necklace at a clothing boutique
  • Pier Voulkos gave a demo on tube bead construction on a rod at a workshop for the Art League School at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia

My first versions of my rainbow tube bead necklaces featured textured beads with a burnt umber acrylic paint wash. Later versions became larger in scale and included glitter and metal spacer beads.

Lindly Haunani, Corral Bracelets, 1995

A lifelong artist, Lindly was delighted when she discovered polymer clay in 1988. Admired for her gently empowering teaching style, Lindly has taught hundreds of polymer clay workshops during the past fifteen years. A founding member of the National Polymer Clay Guild and the co-editor of their newletter for three years, Lindly remains active in the polymer clay community.