Ford/Forlano at 20

2008 marks the 20th year of collaboration between Steven Ford and David Forlano creating extraordinary polymer art jewelry. In celebration of this anniversary, they produced a beautiful 4-color timeline which they share when they show their work. They also redesigned their website to include “vintage work.” And in an email today, David wrote:

Steve and I have a new video introducing fordforlano art jewelry on YOUTUBE. If you have 4 minutes to take a look, it is here: Ford/Forlano video


Elise Winters is an art jewelry designer who has worked for the last ten years to promote polymer clay as a recognized medium for fine craft. Additional information can be found on the Mission page. You can see examples of her award-winning jewelry and learn more about her background at Rachel Carren is an art historian and an artist who is devoted to recording polymer history, promoting polymer as a valued medium for fine craft and to the making of distinctive polymer jewelry. To learn more about her background and her unusual blend of skills see: