Midnight in the Limelight


Judy Kuskin, “Round Midnight” Necklace, polymer, silver

While I am on a short leave, feast your eyes on more polymer art jewelry featured in Art Jewelry Today 2.

Judy Kuskin’s Necklace is prominently positioned opposite the title page as a full page image.

Judy writes about the inspiration for her work, saying:

“Much of the inspiration for my work comes from the natural world. I have a great affinity for the Japanese aesthetic and the way they represent nature. Isamu Kurita in his article, ‘Japanese Art and the Japanese View of Nature’ says: ‘Among the words long used by the Japanese to define their sensibilities, are ‘mono no aware ‘[the pathos of things]. The term …is based upon a deep affinity with nature and beauty and a spontaneous emotional response to them. Japanese people wish to be at one with nature and they work toward this objective through the creation of works of beauty.’ ”

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