Selection from the Collection: Bishoff & Syron

JM Syron and Bonnie Bishoff, Meander Cabinet, 2008
ash, Japanese tamo wood, polymer veneer
32″h x 65″w x 24″d

This husband and wife team have been collaborating on furniture since the early 1990’s.  Bonnie creates the polymer veneer and JM is the woodworker.

Syron/Bishoff write about this piece:

“This cabinet is made in a traditional manner. The polymer clay veneers are created using stretched millefiori canes which are then put together like marquetry prior to firing. Woodworking techniques were used to trim and adhere the veneers to the wooden doors

The design was inspired by terrazzo flooring, water currents and tidal charts. Once the colors were chosen and the pattern laid out the design took on a life of its own – becoming more animate.

We designed it to be shown at SOFA Chicago along with all the other large and exuberant glass and sculpture of that setting. “

JM Syron and Bonnie Bishoff, Oval Cabinet, 2006
26″h x 26″w x 18″d
walnut, curly maple interior, polymer veneer

Syron/Bishoff write about this piece:

“The overall form of this cabinet was a continuation of our exploration of curved surfaced cabinets that are functional and decorative. The design was inspired by the riot of color we enjoy in New England Autumn and the extraordinary variation in the forms found in leaves. “

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