Masters’ Book on the Horizon

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Cynthia Toops, Dust If You Must, 2008

Lark Books is adding to its Masters series with a new title called Masters: Polymer Clay due out in late 2010.  Currently in production, this volume will celebrate masterful artistic innovation and imagination in the ever expanding field of artists who are drawn to the enormous creative potential of polymer. The collection, presenting approximately 40 artists, will bring together some of the best examples of early work in polymer, current art by well recognized artists, and an array of lesser known artists who are making their mark with the material.

Seeking to highlight outstanding works of jewelry, as well as functional and figurative design, this extensive gallery of images will include examples of many techniques: distinctive cane work, accomplished color harmonies, and diverse uses of mixed media. The artists' approaches to making art are vastly different. Styles represented range from organic interpretations of nature, to emotional evocations and onto elegant renditions that are highly ornamental. Each artist will be featured in their own section which will include a brief introductory essay by curator, Rachel Carren and then 8-12 images of their art work.

Elise Winters is an art jewelry designer who has worked for the last ten years to promote polymer clay as a recognized medium for fine craft. Additional information can be found on the Mission page. You can see examples of her award-winning jewelry and learn more about her background at Rachel Carren is an art historian and an artist who is devoted to recording polymer history, promoting polymer as a valued medium for fine craft and to the making of distinctive polymer jewelry. To learn more about her background and her unusual blend of skills see: