Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Serendipity, 2011
Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Serendipity, 2011
19”w x 13”h x 11”d
polymer clay, steel wire (reclaimed coat hangers)
plastic coated copper wire

New Work for the New Year


Jeff’s work is currently on view as one of 3 artists in “New X 3”, an exhibit running from Jan 6 – Mar 26, 2011 at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.  The show features works by artists new to Blue Spiral, one of America’s premier craft galleries.

Jeff describes ‘Serendipity’ as one of his most ambitious pieces. It took approximately 100 hours, consumed nearly 200 feet of plastic coated copper wire, and features 19 structural blossom petals, 15 flexible blue stamen, and approximately 300 individually hand rolled, drilled and glue mounted berries.

Explaining his intent, Jeff says:
“With ‘Serendipity,’ I was working toward a warm, whimsical aesthetic. Like one
might encounter on a sunny days stroll when by chance crossing paths with a
serendipitous array of flora arranged by the sun, wind, and rain. With this
piece I was trying yet again push what might be possible with my sculptural
wire basketry, and the structural possibilities of a polymer radial blossom.
There’s an irony in the tedium of this labor intensive piece attempting to
express such a random encounter.”