Ford/Forlano in Santa Fe

Ford/Forlano in Santa Fe
Ford/Forlano, O'Keeffe Pin <br>polymer, sterling silver

Patina Gallery in Santa Fe has been featuring the work of Ford/Forlano this month in a special show called, “The Language of Color”.   While Ford/Forlano are long time exhibitors with Patina Gallery, this show dovetails with the city of Santa Fe’s overall focus on a “Summer of Color”.   From their earliest step-by-step color modulations as City Zen Cane to their current “painterly” applications of hue, Ford/Forlano’s distinctive use of color has always been one of the defining characteristics of their work.  The show is up for a few more days but Ford/Forlano’s work remains a staple of the extensive jewelry selection at the gallery.

On Friday, June 26, at 5:30 PM, Ford and Forlano will speak about their work at the New Mexico Museum of Art, which is hosting a slide show/ lecture titled, “Speaking in Color”. Their talk will address the evolution of their understanding and use of color as exemplified through their artwork over the past 28 years.  Ford/Forlano’s thoughtful and direct commentary on their creative work ought to make for a memorable evening. This event is also part of Santa Fe’s “Summer of Color”

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For more information on this successful collaborative relationship, please visit Ford/Forlano.

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