Before NINE

Ford/Forlano, Pebble Galaxy, 2002
wall piece with removable pin, diameter 13″
bronze, sterling, silver, glass, coral, shell, magnets

The cover of Metalsmith’s Winter 2003 Issue shows a detail of Ford/Forlano’s piece, Pebble Gallery.  That work, which was a precursor to the NINE series, had already incorporated the concept of a removable pin hidden within a wall sculpture.  Like the works in NINE series, this larger piece enabled Steven and David to showcase their extensive vocabulary of texture and pattern.  Close examination reveals a sampling of the wide array of materials and techniques the team employs.

Ford/Forlano, Pebble Gallery, 2002, detail

Inside this issue of Metalsmith magazine there is a 10-page feature article with expansive and thoughtful commentary about the Ford/Forlano team written by Marjorie Simon.  She intelligently addressed the team’s creative work as well as an overview and history of their artistic collaboration.  However, Ms. Simon generated quite a bit of controversy by suggesting that, other than Ford/Forlano and Pier Voulkos, the rest of the contemporary polymer community consisted of hobbyists churning out “Bug Buddies” and “Silly Snakes.”

The establishment of Polymer Art Archive was, in part, a response to correct this inaccuracy. PAA is also intended as a resource to help educate curators, collectors and other writers seeking to illuminate the public about accomplished artists who work with polymer.

I cannot remember a time in my life that I wasn't interested in looking at art, talking about art and the making of art. In 1990 I earned a Phd in art history at the University of Maryland. My first experiences with polymer clay were in 1992, but I consider my real work with the medium to date from 1999.