New Year Update

This week we celebrated the first anniversary for Polymer Art Archive and I’ve been thinking about what we might call the “most pressing needs” for a New Year’s update to this website. Number one on my list for 2009 was a Bibliography page, recommendations of specific books that may be of interest to committed readers. Please check out the new page if you’re looking to add to your 2009 reading list.  It is not a comprehensive list by any means, but a number of my personal favorites.

Elise Winters is an art jewelry designer who has worked for the last ten years to promote polymer clay as a recognized medium for fine craft. Additional information can be found on the Mission page. You can see examples of her award-winning jewelry and learn more about her background at Rachel Carren is an art historian and an artist who is devoted to recording polymer history, promoting polymer as a valued medium for fine craft and to the making of distinctive polymer jewelry. To learn more about her background and her unusual blend of skills see: